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ESTELAR Bellavista Apartments’s Services

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ESTELAR Bellavista Apartments

ESTELAR Bellavista Apartments’s Services, in Lima

The services of ESTELAR Apartments Bellavista include a gym, parking, terrace with Jacuzzi, Wi-Fi Easy Connection, restaurant for tasting the cuisine of Lima, a welcoming cafeteria, personalized room service, private transportation…

ESTELAR Bellavista Apartments’s Services

  • Solarium Terrace ESTELAR Bellavista Apartments Miraflores

    Solarium Terrace

    A unique space to relax yourself in Lima. With 2 Jacuzzis, a welcoming hammock area from where you can enjoy some sun and enjoy the best views of the city.

  • Wi-Fi Easy Connection ESTELAR Bellavista Apartments Miraflores

    Wi-Fi Easy Connection

    The most practical connection to the Internet that you will find in Lima: totally complementary and active in all the spaces of the apartment complex.

  • Cafeteria Bar ESTELAR Bellavista Apartments Miraflores

    Cafeteria Bar

    With an ample variety of offerings, in this corner of relaxation you will fine the best cocktails, varied coffees, refreshing drinks and teas.

  • Cuisine ESTELAR Bellavista Apartments Miraflores


    Pure taste of Lima and with international specialties. Essential breakfast buffets are served each morning in the restaurant.

  • Private Transportation ($) ESTELAR Bellavista Apartments Miraflores

    Private Transportation ($)

    To move through Lima in the most practical way is within reach: ask in reception. It is a service with added cost.

  • Room Service ESTELAR Bellavista Apartments Miraflores

    Room Service

    Personalized service, cuisine by request and all that you need without even leaving your apartment.

  • Laundry ESTELAR Bellavista Apartments Miraflores


    One of the star services, especially thinking for those who are traveling for extended stays. Maximum guarantees included with delicate garments.

  • Private Transportation Service ESTELAR Bellavista Apartments Miraflores

    Private Transportation Service

    If you travel to Lima in your own vehicle, our complex of apartments boasts a parking area situated near by and completely complementary.

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